About Us

Since the inmates of the Hostel belong to diverse religions, culture and backgrounds, this Hostel is a micro world in itself and the very fact of living in this environment trains the inmates to cherish the unity and celebrate the diversity, thus transforming them into citizen of the world. Hostel life induces the inmates to understand the other which is unlike ones own personal worldview, that was picked up from somewhere during childhood along the life’s journey. The very fact of living in this hostel becomes an intrinsic value of interjecting a much broader world view that embraces, cherishes and respect all the diversity.

The Hostel provides to its inmates opportunities of sharing responsibility in running the hostel, thus helping them develop into a mature community of responsible persons, capable of cultivating personal and social values of self- respect, politeness, justice and truthfulness, respect for others, mutual concern and fellowship.

Order and discipline are essential ingredients of common life and they create an atmosphere for effective learning. It is to enhance the quality of living and learning and to aim at excellence that the following rules are framed. They are liable to be revised periodically and made more relevant to the needs of the inmates.

Vivekananda Hostel is essentially a Study House. The characteristics of this study house are:

  • To fulfil a need of providing accommodation and other amenities to the students who desires to study at Vivekananda Hostel.
  • Vivekananda Hostel is not a home in the sense that all conveniences provided at home can be provided here, neither the final goal of the hostel is to build up family relationships between the students and the staff.
  • The hostel primarily being a study house, all the possible conveniences that promote intellectual development, primarily, and any other amenities that promote all-round development of the persons will be provided.

Generally, in a home environment, a certain sense of casualness, informality, dispersed atmosphere, elastic timetable, regular adjustments, ‘that’s alright!’ attitudes prevail. This hostel is not exactly home but a study house. Those who seek admission to this hostel are urged not to expect casual family atmosphere in the hostel and are required to get accustomed to a much more ordered life within the framework of set of rules and regulations.